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UE2489DDDF Downdraft Spraybooth Model

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Part Number:UE2489DDDF
This is UniCure's Double Filtered Downdraft. This model UE #2489DD-DF is constructed of interlocking panels that are prefabricated from 18 gauge galvanized steel, unpainted. This Downdraft spraybooth is designed to be installed over your floor pit.

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This UniCure Downdraft Comes Complete With:

  • All Necessary Galvanized Steel Construction Panels
  • All Necessary Fasteners and Sealing Materials
  • 2 Solid Product Doors with Hardware
  • 1 Personnel Door with Window and Hardware
  • 12 48" 2 Tube Fluorescent Light Fixtures
  • 1 30" Exhaust Fan with 2 H.P. Motor
  • 4 Extra Sections of Exhaust Duct
  • 1 Double Ringed Exhaust Duct
  • 1 Automatic Exhaust Stackhead
  • All Pre-filters
  • All Ceiling Filters
  • All Exhaust Filters

Safety Features
  • Air Safety Interlock Valve
  • Interlock Switches for Doors
  • Visual Manometer/Draft Gauge

Outside Dimensions        Inside Dimensions
Length 24’-6”                 Height 8’-0”
Width 14’-0”                  Door Height 7’-10”
Height 10’-4”                 Door Width 8’-2”

Additional Information:

1) The spraybooth construction and exhaust air flow velocities are designed to meet or exceed SHA standards.

2) Standard safety equipment includes door interlock micro switches and an air safety valve for air interlock control.

3) This booth is constructed of 18 gauge galvanized sheet steel, with interlocking flange edges that are fastened together with self-tapping speed screws. Panels have exterior flanges to provide a mooth interior surface.

4) The doors are built with two inch by two inch square tube frames for heavy duty service, and have a lip air seal. One 26" x 80" personnel access door is standard. The door can be located in either side to meet user requirements.

5) Standard exhaust system is furnished with a 30" diameter fan and open type motor.

6) Exhaust units and motors supplied are based on the booth installed with a maximum of 25' straight exhaust ducting. When additional ducting or elbows are used, a higher output fan and larger motor might be required. If so, consult your factory representative.

7) Dry filter booths are furnished with one set of pre-filters, ceiling filters and exhaust filters. The filters have a Class II listing by Underwriters Laboratories, and are Factory Mutual approved.

8) Two draft gauges are furnished to indicate when the intake and exhaust filters need changing.

9) All light fixtures are 48" fluorescent 2 tube, 110 volt, 40 watt, UL approved, with wire safety glass. Optional light fixtures are available to meet Class I, Division II, and Class I, Division I hazardous area requirements. Light tubes are not furnished with the fixtures.

10) Booths require electrical connections to the fan and light fixtures, and also mechanical duct system connections for air discharge to the outside, and hardware for anchoring the booth to the floor. Motor starters and start/stop stations are not included as standard equipment, but are available as options.

11) Caulking and caulking guns, foam rubber tape for door and light fixture air seals, fasteners, and all necessary hardware for complete mechanical installation are furnished with all units.

12) Specifications subject to change without notice.

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