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812/1015/1520 UniCure Prep Station

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Part Number:812prep
UniCure Prep is the ultimate in downdraft prep stations. This work horse is 10 feet wide at the base and 15 feet wide at the return. The air is filtered through 3 different types of filter systems, providing you with clean recirculated air.

American Made!

UniCure Prep can be installed on your existing floor. There is no need for floor pits.

A standard feature is the exhaust T with a damper that allows you to recirculate the air in the shop or exhaust it to the outside. Another standard is an explosion-proof motor.

UniCure makes the largest and best functioning prep stations on the market today.

The unique filter system allows you ease of maintenance. The inexpensive prefilter, which is 98% effective and the second set of filters are the new permanent type, with a double layered and treated final filter.

  • UniCure Prep Model 810
  • UniCure Prep Model 1015
  • UniCure Prep Model 1520
Exact specifications listed below for each model.
 Model 810Model 1015Model 1520
Return Duct Size:35" × 24"35" × 24"48" × 24"
Exhaust Duct Size:24"30"34"
Splitter to Return or Exhaust the Air:YesYesYes
Work Area Length:20'20'20'
Work Area Height:9'9'9'
  Belt Driven, Tubeaxle, Aluminum Blades30"34"42"
  3 Phase, Special Order 1 Phase2 HP E.P.3 HP E.P.5 HP E.P.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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