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1000 Series Downdraft Spraybooth/Oven

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Part Number:1000SeriesDowndraftSpraybooth

This Downdraft Spraybooth/Oven Combination was designed with the latest technology. Through extensive research and development, UniCure has designed this product with the flexibility to meet your installation requirements. Four models are available (A,B,C & D).
American Made!

 No on-site floor construction is required for basement or side exhaust models.
 UniCure 1000's quality in construction and air flow technology are unsurpassed by any booths foreign or domestic.
 Spray Cycle - 100% Fresh Air
 UniCure 1000's spray cycle provides you with the control necessary for quality finishes using today's clear coat systems.
 Outside air is increasingly filtered before entering the booth. Then overspray is filtered out as the air is exhausted.
 Curing Cycle - 100% Fresh Air
 To conserve energy, the UniCure System's air flow is reduced by 50% using 100% fresh air during the curing cycle.
 The energy efficient curing cycle means more cars can be painted correctly in a given amount of time.
 UniCure 1000 will give you the control curing that is required by the paint manufacturers for their different types of paints

This UniCure Spraybooth Comes Complete With:

  • Galvanized Construction 18 Gauge, Pre-Punched Holes
  • Doors: 2" Bi-Fold Double-Wall
  • (1) Personnel Door with Window
  • UniCure Heated Air Makeup System*
  • Full Function Remote Control Panel
  • 34" Exhaust Fan with Balance Control System
  • Gable and Side Lighting
  • 12 4-tube Light Fixtures with Tubes
  • Micro Filtering Ceiling
  • (1) Exhaust Duct Clean Out
  • (2) Extra Sections of Ductwork
  • Automatic Exhaust Stackhead
  • Prefilters
  • Ceiling Filters
  • Exhaust Filters

  • Powder Coted White (Inside & Out)
  • Downdraft Side Exhaust
  • Downdraft 3-Row Pit
  • Downdraft Full Grated Basement
  • Drive-Thru door with or without windows

  • Air Safety Interlock Valve
  • Interlock Switches for Doors
  • Magnehelic Gauge

Outside Dimensions   Inside Dimensions
Length  23' - 10"   Length  23' - 6"
Width  16' - 4"   Width
 14' - 0"
Height  11' - 0"   Height  9' - 0"
Door Height  8" - 10"   Door Width  9' - 4"

  1. Heated Air Makeup can be mounted on either side, rear or ceiling.
  2. This booth is constructed of 18 gauge electro-galvanized sheet steel. Precision punched and bolted on six inch centers for maximum rigidity. Panels have exterior flanges to provide a smooth interior surface.
  3. Exhaust units and motors supplied are based on the booth installed with a maximum of 25' straight exhaust ducting. When additional ducting or elbows are used, a higher output fan and larger motor might be required. If so, consult your factory representative.
  4. Modifications to fit your requirements.

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